The European Choral Forum invites you to Italy to sing the Haydn’s The Creation in a big concert.

The concert will be April 19, 2017 in Milan, in the San Marco church.
The only requisites to participate are to know your part and to attend the last week’s rehearsals.
The concert will be the 15th project that the European Choral Forum organizes.
During your stay in Milan a “musical” tour of the city will be organized: a visit to the Opera House La Scala and to many other places of interest.
If you want to sing with us or for further informations please write to

What is theEuropean Choral Forum?

It is a non-profit association which offers, to whomever is interested, the possibility of participating to important musical and choral projects such as concerts, formation stages, workshops and seminars. Joining the Forum is contributing symbolically to the process of European unification.

Where does it come from?

The European Choral Forum originates from the conviction that music is a great power of aggregation which provides a major consciousness of the world which surrounds us, helping to overcome language barriers and transcending differences in race and religion. Singing together is fun and it helps moreover to improve the world we live in.

What has it done up to now?

The Forum has realized fourteen projects. The first, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – an extraordinary, difficult composition – was performed to celebrate the 850 years of the foundation of the city of Lodi. The concert, which involved 140 people amidst musicians, soloists and choristers who came from different experiences and countries, required quite a considerable organizing effort.

Some of the other Forum projects comprise a rendition of Haendel’s Messiah in three parts – which is about to be completed – Fauré’s Requiem, Vivaldi’s Gloria, Amahl and the Night Visitors of Giancarlo Menotti, Mozart’s Incoronation Mass, Mozart’s Requiem, Haydn’s Stabat Mater and Verdi’s Requiem.

Who does it revert to?

The Forum addresses itself to those with a minimum choral experience for whom music is a passion, regardless of whether they are part of a choir or choral association, or whether they have ever sung in public.  The Forum is proposed to all those who want to be part of a unique experience: to participate to a guided study of musical compositions, learning to sing them and  perform them in a theatre with musicians and professional singers. The only request made to those who want to be admitted to the initiative is to attend the weekly rehearsals until the concert date.  Interested singers who live far away or abroad can participate to the concerts, all they have to do is prepare their parts beforehand and participate to the general rehearsal right before the concert.

The Forum’s conductor

 Martinho Lutero Galati de Oliveira conducts the Forum orchestra and chorus.  He also directs two famous choirs, one in Milan called Cantosospeso and one in San Paolo in Brazil, the Martin Luther King choir.  As director and composer he is also involved with  important theatres and musical institutions in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Furthermore he prepares a great number of concerts and contributes to the formation of young talents in Brazil. He also teaches at the Istituto di Musicologia in Milan, Italy and is Artistic Director of the Association Cantosospeso which he founded in 1987 and of the Comunità Corale Luther King of San Paolo, Brazil.  He has such a vast experience in international choral forums that he is a member of the International Committee of the World Choral Forum.

How to join the Forum

By simply sending an e-mail to  you will be able to feel the atmosphere of our rehearsals and speak with the other singers who have already joined.


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